Click here for an Application for Special Use of Town-owned Conservation Areas (PDF)

Rules and Regulations For Using Conservation Land in West Bridgewater and Bridgewater

  • The area is open from sunrise to sunset and is to be used for non-intrusive recreation only: hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, tenting, bird watching, photography, etc.
  • No dirt bikes or all-terrain vehicles permitted on Conservation Land. No automobiles are permitted off designated roads.
  • Only hand-carried tents and watercraft are permitted: No boat trailers or camping trailers allowed.
  • Area is to be left undisturbed in its natural state.
  • No person shall remove vegetation, soil or stones from the area or dig or disturb any artifacts or archaeological remains. There shall be no unauthorized use of chain saws.
  • All fires are permitted through the local Fire Department and must be in designated areas only; they must be completely extinguished before you leave the site.
  • All trash including pet wastes must be removed by the user at the time of departure.
  • No discharge of firearms, drunkenness, or chemical abuse is permitted on Conservation Land.
  • Use of premises is at your own risk and free of charge; the user however, is liable for any damage to Town property.

Please check with the local Conservation Commission for any specific Rules & Regulations applicable to individual Conservation Parkland sites.