Most of the land in Bridgewater, MA has been formed by a variety of glacial deposits. These include two major aquifers that underlie the entire town center in a continuous layer of freshwater. The 35-acre pond is part of the recharge area above one of those aquifers in which turn supports 5 wells as part of the town water supply.

\In the 19th century before refrigeration was common, Carver’s Pond was valuable for ice. In fact the pond was created for that purpose by connecting 2 glacial deposits (small hills known as kames) with a low berm. As late as the 1940’s, ice houses such as McNeeland’s would farm the pond by cutting out blocks to be sold to local homes.

Today, Carver’s Pond is a valuable part of water quality protection in Bridgewater. The surrounding wetlands help to purify the surface water which in turn contributes to good water quality in the aquifer below.