gallery1The Nunckatessett Greenway is a project that will link an existing network of land trails and the 14-mile Town River water trail into a contiguous natural recreation area, potentially connecting the nearby Town Halls of Bridgewater and West Bridgewater as well as historical sites and educational institutions. This project streams from a grassroots movement of local Bridgewater and West Bridgewater residents and public officials that wish to see a nature corridor that will elevate people’s awareness of the Town River and of historical sites situated along that river, as well as promote outdoor classrooms, economic development and alternative means of travel between the two town centers and Bridgewater State University.

Nunckatessett Greenway Vision Statement

The Nunckatessett Greenway Project is an effort to create a non-motorized network of land & water trails along the 14-mile Town River and the regional Bay Circuit Trail in order to provide links to public conservation areas and the centers of West Bridgewater and Bridgewater, and to walking trails at Bridgewater State University. We envision the Nunckatessett Greenway connecting the two communities to their natural history, and to their past through the reuse of historical sites such as Holmes’ Hill, War Memorial Park, Iron Works Park,  Stiles & Hart Conservation Parkland and the Town River Landing.  Additionally, by providing enhanced recreational, environmental, social, and educational opportunities throughout the Nunckatessett Greenway, we  hope to stimulate economic activity in both towns. We seek to become destination trail towns on the Bay Circuit Trail, welcoming visitors to the best of Bridgewater and West Bridgewater. The program is being carried out by the Natural Resources Trust of Bridgewater, a local non-profit (501 (c) 3) serving the Bridgewaters for over a decade.

Nunckatessett Greenway Mission Statement

The Mission of the Nunckatessett Greenway Committee (NGC) is to promote the creation and maintenance of the Nunckatessett Greenway. The NGC will also serve to coordinate and communicate with the various participating project partners, including local citizens; municipal boards, commissions, stewards, and departments; regional and state government departments, and agencies; non-profit organizations such as the Bay Circuit Alliance (The Trustees of Reservations and the Appalachian Mountain Club), the Wild & Scenic Taunton River Stewardship Council (National Park Service),  Bridgewater State University and others who assist, help to fund, develop, and enhance the Nunckatessett Greenway.

Nunckatessett Greenway Action Plan

While this action plan was  developed by  grassroots volunteers (NG) and Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) on behalf of the Town of Bridgewater through the Commonwealth’s South Coast Rail Technical Assistance program in order to guide the town in completing the Nunckatessett Greenway and help it to reach its full potential as a contiguous greenway corridor,  this land and water trail system is located in both the Town of Bridgewater and the Town of West Bridgewater. This action plan will focus on a number of needed elements that must be put in place to capitalize on the efforts of those planning and advocating for the Nunckatessett Greenway in both communities.

Elements that will be touched upon are:
Short – Term Goals

  • Development of a management structure to implement recommendation from this action plan
  • Development of Nunckatessett Greenway promotional media and website
  • Engage abutting property owners and businesses
  • Development of Nunckatessett Greenway Master Plan